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  CREDITS/JBM Diploma in
  Integrated Computer Applications

The Diploma in Integrated Computer Applications is a natural follow on course from some of the shorter courses that the centre provides.

It assumes a very basic knowledge of computing but beginners can also be accommodated.

The course is assessed and there are no examinations.

The core theme of the course is linking computer applications together to create powerful computer based facilities.

A learner having achieved this qualification will be in a good position to move onto the European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL), an internationally recognised qualification of computer competence.

The Diploma covers word processing, spreadsheets, databases and electronic mail and the internet.

By the end of the course, the learner should be able to:-

1.Send a word processed document including a table to the tutor.

2. Produce a word processed document including a chart and related tabulated information researched from the internet.

3. Produce a word processed document based on a country/hobby using information from the internet and CD-ROMS including clipart.

4. Produce a mail merged document including text plus a database, showing a multi-criteria search and a flier as an alternative.

5. Produce a spreadsheet to show forecasting of costs plus copies of a report including spreadsheets to compare with one including a graph.

Don’t worry. If it all seems daunting now our friendly tutors will help to make it seem straightforward and achievable.

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  Length of Course:
  28 weeks
  (2 sessions/week)

  Assessment Method:
  Continuously assessed

  Follows on from:
  Introduction to IT
  Friendly Computers 1
  Friendly Computers 2

  Leads on to:

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