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   The OCR Level 1 Certificate for IT Users

Over 2 million people in the UK hold the CLAIT qualification. It is one of the most widely recognised foundation courses in IT in the country. The qualification has recently been modernised and is now called ‘New CLAIT’.

It forms part of a group of qualifications which also includes the CLAIT Plus and CLAIT Advanced courses. We will be offering both these qualifications in the future allowing learners to complete their IT education to a level 3 standard, which is equivalent to an ‘A’ level.

The New CLAIT is assessed by a series of assignments (one for each unit) with a notional duration of 2 hours.

We run the New CLAIT course wityh the following modules:-

Unit 1 Using a computer
Unit 2 Word Processing
Unit 3 Electronic Communication
Unit 4 Spreadsheets
Unit 5 Databases

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  Length of Course:
  75 hours

  Follows on from:
  Friendly 2

  Leads to:


  CLAIT Advanced

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