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The Learners' Manual is given to everyone who attends a course at All Saints Learning Centre. It contains everything that a learner needs to know.

1. Welcome

Welcome to All Saints’ Learning Centre.

This Learners’ Manual is your introduction to the Centre and how it works. By signing on for a course, you’ll be joining the hundreds of people who have benefited from learning at the Centre since it first started running courses in 1997.

This manual contains some of the rules and regulations that everyone entering the Centre has to abide by. We’ve tried to keep things as simple as possible.

If you need help with anything concerning your course, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our aim is to make your whole learning experience enjoyable as well as challenging.

Andy Walsh
Centre Manager

2. A little bit of background information

All Saints’ Learning Centre began running courses back in 1997. It was set up as part of the CREDITS initiative, which has been instrumental in setting up community development centres (CDCs) across Cumbria.

The mission of the Centre can be summarised as follows:-

To create an environment that will encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to learn new skills and enhance their knowledge and improve their health.

This mission is central to the activities of the Centre. We are always trying to reach out to new people, to offer them worthwhile and stimulating learning experiences, and to develop our facilities to serve the whole of Cockermouth.

In 2002, we were chosen to run pilot programmes in Family Learning. This is where adults and their children can learn together. In 2003, we have been chosen to run pilot Skills for Life training, to help improve the literacy and numeracy standards of adults. In 2003, we are also opening our new UK Online facility, boasting some of the best teaching facilities in the area. We are also setting up partnerships with other organisations such as Business Link, who help small companies to set up and develop.

All Saints’ Learning Centre is always looking for new and innovative ways to serve the people of Cockermouth.

3. Key Contacts

The centre’s address is:-

All Saints’ Learning Centre
Slatefell Drive
CA13 9BH

The centre can also be contacted by email on:-

Key people:

Manager: Andy Walsh
Administrator: Jocelyn West
Tutors: Sara Barnes, Grant Desmond, Jan Doughty, Ruth Foster, Mary Mitchelhill

4. Policies

4.1 Rights and responsibilities

Everyone entering All Saints’ Learning Centre have both rights and responsibilities. Central to the activities of the Centre is respect for each other.

4.2. Health and Safety Policy

All Saints’ Learning Centre is committed to providing a safe working environment for everyone who enters the Centre. For IT users, specific safety instruction is given at the beginning of each course. It is also the responsibility of all who enter the Centre to ensure that nothing they do compromises the health and safety of themselves or others. They must also immediately report anything that appears to be unsafe or unhealthy.

A full Health and Safety policy is available in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.3. Environmental and Ethical Policy

All Saints’ Learning Centre is committed to an environmentally friendly and ethical purchasing policy. It is the Centre’s intention to purchase, where possible, recycled products and products produced in an ethically responsible manner. Such products include paper supplies, coffee and tea.

A full Environmental and Ethical policy is available in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.4. Smoking Policy

All Saints’ Learning Centre is a strictly no-smoking area.

4.5. Equal Opportunities Policy

All Saints’ Learning Centre makes every effort to create conditions in which learners and staff are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, colour, ethnic or national origin, age, socio-economic background, disability, religious or political beliefs, family circumstances, sexual orientation or other irrelevant distinction.

A more comprehensive policy is included in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.6. Internet Policy

Anyone found to be knowingly accessing material of an explicit sexual or violent nature will be banned from the centre permanently, forfeiting all course fees paid.

A more comprehensive policy is included in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.7. Compliments and Complaints Policy

If something goes wrong and your tutor can’t put it right, you may want to make an official complaint. This is done by stating your complaint, in writing, to the Centre Manager. It is the intention of the Centre to deal with all such complaints as quickly and as thoroughly as possible.

Similarly, if you wish to compliment the Centre on an aspect of its activities or a particular tutor, then we like to celebrate our successes.

A more comprehensive Compliments and Complaints Policy is included in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.8. Fair Assessment Policy

You may find that you do not agree with the way a tutor has assessed your work or with an examination result. If your tutor cannot deal with your grievance, then you can appeal against the decision. You must do this in writing to the Centre Manager within 7 days of receiving the result or assessment. It is the intention of the Centre to take appeals extremely seriously.

A full Fair Assessment Policy is included in the Centre’s Policy Manual, and is available to all on request.

4.9. Personal Data Policy

All Saints’ Learning Centre is committed to the principles of data protection and best practice in handling information. All personal information is held in secure computer and manual files and will only be processed for the purposes you were told about when you registered.

Within the centre, information is only transferred to those who need it for the purposes of teaching or other services to you. We will not give this information to any third party unless we have obtained explicit consent from you.

4.10. Food and Drink Policy

No drinks must be taken into the IT suite. Sweets and mints may be consumed there but food such as sandwiches, crisps, chocolate bars etc. must not be taken into the suite.

5. Other Important Information

5.1. Signing-In Procedure

In order to ensure that everyone can be accounted for in an emergency, everyone entering or leaving the building must sign in or sign out using the book that is located in the Reception Area by the front door.

5.2. Evacuation Procedure

During your induction to the Centre, the nearest fire exits will be pointed out to you. Please try to remember their location.

In the event of the alarm bells sounding, you must proceed, without delay, to the nearest fire exit and meet at the assembly point, which is at the main pedestrian gate to the school. Do not stop to pick up personal belongings or to shutdown a computer. Your tutor will have the register with them at the assembly point.

Remember that you are more important than computers. They can be replaced. You cannot.

5.3. Provisions for Disabled People

The Centre provides facilities for people with disabilities. This includes options for input devices (for people who find using a mouse or keyboard difficult), the provision of raising computer tables for wheelchair access and disabled toilet facilities.

If you have any special needs, then please make them known to the Centre when you book the course.

5.4. Provision of Childcare

Although there is, at present, no crèche attached to the Centre, a limited amount of free childcare provision can be arranged. Please ask at the Centre for details.

6. Some questions

1. How will I know I have a place on a course?

Before the course starts, you will be sent a letter to confirm that you have a place on the course. If the course is not going to run for any reason, we will contact you in plenty of time.

2. How will I know I’ve passed a course?

Once the Centre has been informed by the awarding body of your achievements, we will write to you to confirm whether you have gained a qualification.

3. When will I receive my certificate?

The Centre holds award ceremonies throughout the year. In addition, for some long courses, a central ceremony might take place between the various community development centres. This may take place in Carlisle or more locally.

If you cannot attend an awards ceremony, then we will be able to send the certificate to you in the post.

4. How will I be notified of a course I can progress to?

At the end of each course, options for learning progression can be advised by your tutor. The Centre also advertises its courses extensively in the local press.

You may, however, wish to be updated on courses by email. If you would like to take up this option, then please tell your tutor or the Centre Manager.

Need further information? Then email us here!

All Saints' Learning Centre, Slatefell Drive, Cockermouth, Cumbria, CA13 9BH    Email:

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